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Soundscape 2.57 At A Siding

July 31, 2017

The summer has been a wonderfully busy time for us here at Soundscape. We have spent a lot of time galivanting around, playing games, and getting ready to adopt a child. These are all good things and I feel wonderfully blessed to have spent my summer doing things I love. However, we have not been able to keep Soundscape up and running very often. So this episode is to say, fear not, we have not forgooten or foresaken all you wonderful prog fans. 

So I have called this episode "At a Siding", as it feels the journey of summer has been very much in need of a respite. This show is more of a respite from the rigors of trying to make the Soundscape brand. I ditched theme, and contrived playlists in this show to really dig into some of the newer stuff and to take a break from the theming. It was nice and relaxing to have that sort of show, one that grew spontaneously out of the moment as it presented itself. There is something to be said for this sort of impulsive play, so we may make it a more regular part of the show. However we will not abandon theming. The nice thing about theming is it hones down the breadth of material, makes us look at one particular area of the vast swath of music available, and ultimatley can create some really wonderful moments of discovery. That said we will return to our previously planned prog metal show in the very near future.

For now, drop into a rather amazing set of new tunes, requests, and meaningful departures. 

Send us your perfect album sides. You know the drill

  • Toy Matinee- Last Plane Out
  • Big Big Train- Keeper of Abbeys
  • The Tangent- Doctor Linvingstone (I Presume)
  • Bjorn Riis- The Waves
  • Cosmograf- Hay-Man
  • Steven Wilson- Permanating
  • Bent Knee- Land Animal
  • KingBathmat- 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
  • Persona Grata- Orient Express>Venice
  • Steven Wilson- Pariah
  • Roger Waters- Smell the Roses
  • Gov't Mule- Revolution Come, Revolution Go
  • Gungfly- Polymixia
  • Cheeto's Magazine- Basket Case
  • It- The Path of Least Resistance
  • Big Big Train- The Leaden Stour
  • Gentle Knife- Plans Askew
  • Styx- Radio Silence
  • Encircled- The Monkey Jamboree
  • Jordan Rudess- J.R. Piano Medley
  • King Crimson- One Time
  • Soup- Going Somewhere
  • Comedy of Errors- Song of Wandering Jacomus
  • Kant Freud Kafka- Es Quan Dormo Que Hi Veig Clar
  • Schnauser- Speile Mit Katzen> Spiele Jamgle (Reprise)
  • Galahad- Marz (And Beyond)
  • Moon Safari- Sugar Band
  • Nad Sylvan- The Bride Said No
  • The Samurai of Prog- Tigers

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